Saturday, 23 June 2007


That's it. No point resisting -- everybody's got a blog so why can't I!? Let's see how I go. I'll try to post thoughts, photos, updates of my adventures in and around NZ, and whatever else I feel like.

Hopefully I won't feel too depressed once I realise I'm only getting about two hits a month. And they're from my mother (hi mum!!)

Oh well. Alea jacta est.


Laura said...

Don´t worry, you´ll get a few hits from your sister too (but only because she is a blogger as well...)

Good luck, and "see" you round here.


ThiagoNZ said...

Ahhhh now I understand the picture. Eu freqüentemente penso em começar um e sempre desisto. Boa sorte, tomara que você receba mais hits do que espera.
Ah, e valeu pelo link para as minhas fotos!