Thursday, 8 May 2008

Travel Journal #4: Foreigners

Foreigners get treated with the utmost respect in Sri Lanka. In the two days I have been in the country I have only seen a handful of foreigners (not including in fancy hotels, it seems that's where all the whites hang out!) While I do get lots of curious looks and the odd look-at-that-guy whisper as I walk around the city, I can see that it's by no means disrespectful (which almost certainly would be the case had it happened in Brazil.)

Apart from the fact that tourism is one of the main sources of income for Sri Lankans, having a fair skin is also highly regarded around here and they do try to be extra nice to you which makes you feel special. And I am taller than any person I have seen here which probably also helps!

But all this may also be due to the fact that thus far I have only been involved with doing day to day things like running chores, shopping, and going out to eat with the locals so I have yet to go to any of the places where tourists usually hang out. To me this is what travelling should be all about: living the life as locals do. If only I had a good friend in every part of the world!

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Gypsy said...

Don't worry, come to Hong Kong next time when I go back there. You won't be the only foreigner, though may still be the tallest. :P