Thursday, 8 May 2008

Travel Journal #5 (4 May): Sunset

Yesterday we visited Sasanka's uncle's home in Wadduwa, about 30 minutes south of Colombo. It is much quieter than the city and the roads are better as it's the start of the area most visited by tourists: the beaches south of Colombo. I will be heading there next Thursday, the day after the wedding.

On the way there Sasanka made his father stop at a fruit and vege stand by the road and buy some cassava (or manyokka as it is knwon here, mandioca in Brazil) because I had told him it was very popular back home but really hard to find in New Zealand. His mom is going to cook some of it today. Mandioca Sri Lankan style, I can't wait!

I realise the afternoon was going to be a bit of a family reunion as more and more people started to arrive and I was being introduced to everyone as "Sasanka's boss in New Zealand." Can you believe that? It makes it seem like I was sent here by the company or something. Actually, Gihanta (Sasanka's friend who I met at the airport) did mention to me that from what Sasanka had told him he was expecting to meet a balding 40 year old. I'll get back at you for that, Sasa, you just wait and see.

But I digress. The entire evening was very pleasant and everyone was really nice to me. We all went for a swim in the new pool (one of those infinity type pools, very impressive) which overlooks a paddy field surrounded by coconut trees. We were there for quite a while and got to watch the sun setting over the paddy field while cooling down in the pool. Life doesn't get much better than that I don't think!

Afterwards we had some more tea and then dinner which was very very spicy and very very hot. As I was eating several people came over and asked me whether I wanted some water. I guess they must have seen I was struggling. But they were all saying how they found it hot themselves and that made me feel quite proud of myself. Afterwards Manju (Sasanka's brother-in-law) was telling me everyone was talking about how impressive it was that I had survived the meal hahaha.

The evening reminded me of family reunions in Brazil: lots of people, close and distant relatives, lots of sitting around talking, and lots of food. Except that in Brazil everyone would be drinking beer and eating churrasco and being very loud.

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Gypsy said...

"a balding 40 year old"! HAHAHA! Well, maybe in Sri Lanka "Boss" has to be someone around that age, and bald.

You should thank Sasanka, coz you are delivered higher than the "cutsomer" expectation: a not-so-bald 30 year old.