Thursday, 8 May 2008

Travel Journal #7: Eating

Sri Lankan cuisine is the ultimate finger food. That's because you eat it with your fingers! My opinion is that it doesn't taste as good if you use cutlery, it's like drinking wine out of a paper cup.

Eating with your hands is harder than it looks. They have a particular way of handling the food with their fingers which I'm yet to master. It's all about mixing the right amounts of each dish on the plate so it's the ideal consistency to grab it with the tip of your fingers and put it in your mouth. I thought it would come naturally to me but it didn't: I'm sure I look very clumsy doing it. But I must say it feels really good, it's quite liberating. I asked Dishal, one of Bhagya's cousins, whether he thought it was easier using the fingers or a fork. "My fingers of course" he replied with no hesitation. I beg to disagree! It IS harder. But it sure is more fun!

I don't think the average Sri Lankan home keeps lots of forks and knives around. When food is served only the food dishes and empty plates are at the table. All restaurants have a sink close by where you can wash your hands before and after eating. But if you must use a fork I am sure any place would be able to provide one. I went to a fancier restaurant where cutlery was already at the table. You would also use it in places like food courts and weddings where it's not really practical having hundreds of people wanting to wash their hands at the same time.


Gypsy said...

I think it would be harder for girls, coz you have to eat with your hand and not to be clumsy and not to make a mess. Well well, girls need more manners in eating. :P

Haemogee said...

Dude - awesome, been googling earthing into your locations!