Sunday, 16 November 2008


Today is the day I leave New Zealand. Been feeling a little funny all day, a bit like getting butterflies.

The last few days have been incredibly busy. Friday was my last day at work, and a night Olympic threw a huge farewell party. Then I had my own farewell party the next day which went on till early Sunday morning. Yesterday (Sunday) was a day of shopping and generally sorting things out the last few things. Thiago and Karla took me out for breakfast, and Ivy and Ken took me out for a delicious Japanese dinner at the viaduct. And this morning Sheba picked me up and took me out for breakfast in Remuera (I chose the location, strategically opposite Dick Smith because I still had some last minute shopping to do!)

Warner, Sheba, and Sunny came to see me off at the airport which was great as I would hate to be waiting there by myself. We had a coffee and took some funny photos of them trying to keep me from boarding (which I'll expect to see in the next edition of the ASD magazine!) but I am sure I must have seemed a little "out" since all I could think about was that in a couple of hours I was going to be leaving New Zealand for what may be a very long time.

Board the plane. Thirteen hours later and I am in Santiago de Chile. Just in case I had any doubts as to where I was, the chaos at the arrival area and all the yelling and pushing and taxi drivers hassling me confirmed that this was indeed South American soil.

So let's see what Santiago is all about, shall we.

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