Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Santiago de Chile, day 3 - Wine and football

Woke up early this morning because I am heading to the Concha y Toro winery. Can't believe how excited I have been about this till now. First, because I will be heading out of Santiago for the first time, I will get to ride the train on my own, and I will get to visit one of the main wineries in the world (I didn't know this but Concha y Toro is amongst the top 10 wine producers in the planet)

The tour ended up being just ok  but at just NZ$15 I couldn't really ask for more. It included two wine tastings (you had to pay extra for more), plus a walk around the vineyards and got a visit to the famously grim Casillero del Diablo (the devil's cellar). Transportation to the winery is a breeze: catch a couple of trains south, then a quick taxi or bus ride to the winery.

Since I had seen pretty much all I wanted to see in Santiago, on the way back from Concha y Toro I decided to stop at a huge mall I had spotted on the way there. It's located right next to one of the trains stations south of Santiago. I did some window shopping (prices were actually quite low as compared to New Zealand but I just didn't have ANY space left in my luggage), had lunch, and went on to watch Blindness at the movies. I can't believe the ticket only cost me about NZ$5!! The movie, by the way, is incredible. I had read the book by José Saramago a few years ago and it was quite impressive, but the movie gives visual life to a chaotic world where people start to go blind. Most of the movie was shot in São Paulo which gives it a unique run down look that only adds to the mood.

After the movie I headed back to Santiago and I thought it was time for one last café con piernas. I loved the thing. Even better, when I walked out of the café it was rush hour and a multitude of people were gathered on the paseo (a street exclusive to pedestrians) looking up at a huge screen showing a football game Chile vs. Spain. It's like everyone just stopped on their way home to watch the game. I hadn't seen such a thing even in Brazil, where we are supposed to be crazy about soccer. I managed to get some good photos, and stuck around for a while watching the game amongst the crowd. In case you were wondering, Chile lost 3x0.

Then it was time to get ready to leave. I had dinner at a way below average Italian restaurant (which was surprisingly crowded) but at least managed to have some good Chilean wine. Tomorrow I am back in the motherland.

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Anonymous said...

To gostando de acompanhar teus passeios pelo blog, keep up the good work!
Notei que ainda ta pensando em NZD, hehe.
Gostei do cafe con piernas!