Wednesday, 24 December 2008


After a quick and painless train ride from Brentford train station to Gatwick Airport, Grazi and I went straight to the TAP check-in counter to get rid of our heavy bags. Much to our surprise, the lady told us we were flying business class!!

Whether it was a mistake when booking the tickets, or they just decided to bump us up because we are such nice people, the fact is that we are now sitting in the business class lounge waiting to board. It's kind of average, really. (had this happened in Heathrow's new terminal 5, or somewhere like Singapore, I am sure we would have been much better off) But we do get free food so I'm not complaining.

Yes, yes, I know I have barely arrived in the UK and I'm already flying out. But it's Christmas! And our friend Isabel has kindly invited us to spend Christmas in Portugal with her family.

So we're heading to Porto (where the port wine comes from!) for five days of sightseeing and gorging ourselves on delicious Portuguese wine and food. Can't wait!

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