Sunday, 29 March 2009

Brussels – Midi – St Pancras

Last night we got the best possible news: checkout wasn't until 5 pm. Bliss! That meant we could sleep in, have a late breakfast, and still do some sightseeing. Alas, I was still feeling lousy and had a hard time getting out of bed. Not to mention having breakfast.

But we still hadn't seen Brussels in the daytime so today we set off to Grand Place for some more medieval architecture and chocolate shopping: I was determined to gorge myself on Belgium chocolate, even if I had to do it in London a week later!

After a short walk around the European District, where the European Council and Parliament are located, we took the metro back to the hotel where Grazi had some lunch and I had a pineapple juice.

Then we only had time to pack our bags, head to the station, and in a few hours we were home in southwest London! Don’t you just love Europe?

All in all, the trip to Belgium was good fun but it’s not necessarily a place I’d be back to in a hurry. There’s still so much else to see…….

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