Monday, 13 April 2009


Another gorgeous day in Munich. I wake up early and leave by myself to explore the city one more time. It’s 7:30 a.m. on Easter Monday and the city is very quiet. The Englischer Gartens, where just two days ago thousands of people were enjoying the sun in the park is now virtually deserted bar a handful of more athletic types going for a run or walking their dogs, or both.

Even at Marienplatz, Munich’s tourist hub, only a few earlybird tourists venture out for some photos and are rewarded by beautiful light as the sun comes up over the Residenz. It’s just after 9 a.m. when the first café opens. Unfortunately it’s time to go now.

Our last meal is at Munich Airport, but not before I load my backpack with €20 worth of German chocolate. As for lunch, we’re spoilt for choice, really. Aside from the standard food courts, there is an open square between terminals 1 and 2 with shops, bars, and restaurants. We go for traditional German food (thankfully, for the last time – there’s just so much sausage and sauerkraut one can handle over a couple of days) I just realised that we waited for our flight for about three hours but time just flew by! I certainly didn’t mind spending time at the Munich Airport. As far as airports go, this is a good one to hang out at. Plus, things are so effortless and organised. Kudos to the Germans.

Landing in London in about two hours. Home sweet home.

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