Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Coffee walk to Sierra with Warner and having the barista already know what we want.

Caramel slice from Columbus Coffee after lunch.

Getting takeaways from Raviz on Indian lunch day on Thursdays.

Lunch bunch walk to Burger Fuel and eating at the park, followed by kicking some ball around before returning to work all sweaty.

Badminton after work.

Yum cha at KK or Enjoy Inn.

Driving to work early morning on Campbell Road listening useless radio shows.

Organising DNUG meetings, setting it up, having people over, chatting, having pizza, and tidying up afterwards.

Working late nights and having the whole building to myself.

Friday evening chats with Joe.

Coruba & Cola and chips on Friday evenings.

Driving to and from the airport.

Getting Singapore noodles takeaway from that Chinese joint with Jacqui.

My team.

Having Sheba come around with that contagious smile of hers.

Going to the movies at Sylvia Park.

Lunch bunch.

Treasure hunts, etc.

Sunny Sundays just chillin’ at One Tree Hill

Talking shit on communicator with Sasanka and Moses.

Piha and Kare-kare.

Summertime BBQ with Thiago, Karla, and Angel.

Labour weekend away on a house by the beach with the German crowd.

Road trips to Mt Ruapehu and spend the entire day snowboarding.

The waterfront.

Hanging out with Sasanka’s Sri Lankan crowd.

My ridiculously tiny red Clio.

The Thunder Chickens!

Training for the Auckland Half with Andrew and Szu-yu around the Panmure Basin.

Chatting to Terryll at reception.

Awkward goodbye speeches and birthday cakes.

The film festival.

Drive to Parnell or Ponsonby for Sunday brunch.

Our Epsom flat.


Gypsy said...

I miss you too Andre!!!! ~~>.<~~

Haemogee said...

Nice :)

motothehawk said...


Driving range at Ellerslie...miss the ball on every second swings. Make loud noise.

Going down the black hole slide at
Waiwera. Freaked out our first-timer and gullible friend Sasa with our made-up stories.

Played doubles at table tennis. Crazy smashes to scare the opponents. No one ever won a game when paired with Andre.

Mix volleyball comp at ASB Stadium featuring Olympic team. Team practice happens during game time. Where is the out line again?

....and many more

Anonymous said...

I hear ya...

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!